[Xmonad] darcs patch: first shot at a floating layer

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Fri Jun 1 02:01:03 EDT 2007

> On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 10:53:54PM -0600, Jason Creighton wrote:
> > Wed May 30 22:47:33 MDT 2007  Jason Creighton <jcreigh at gmail.com>
> >   * first shot at a floating layer
> >   
> >   This is a first attempting at a floating layer:
> >   
> >   mod-button1: move window
> >   mod-button2: swapMaster
> >   mod-button3: resize window
> >   
> >   mod-t: make floating window tiled again
> >   
> >   Moving or resizing a window automatically makes it floating.
> >   
> >   Known issues:
> >   
> >   Hard to manage stacking order. You can promote a window to move it to the top,
> >   (which you can do with mod-button2) but it should be easier than that.
> Indeed, this is ugly, but I think the fix is easy, we just need to use the
> old version of swapMaster (I don't recall its name) that moves the given
> window to the top of the stack.  Then the floating layer will behave like a
> normal window manager in this regard: raising a window leaves the other
> windows in the same stacking order.

yes, i think we actually have to handle the floating layer in its own
stack, so that it can be ordered and shuffled like a normal overlapping
> I hope you're thinking that once this is cleaner we can move the button
> configuration out of Main and into Config? That'll make it both easier to
> configure and easier to find.  And the refactor which'll be needed should
> also help with other features like adding tabs, either to float windows or
> to a tiled workspace with tabbed layout.

will happen soon, jason's working on it.
> I'm with dons on the question of reorganization, a bit flag to indicate the
> float layer is just ugly.  And I still hope someday to be able to refactor
> the float layer out of xmonad entirely and into XMonadContrib.  We may not
> want this refactor to actually happen, but I think the code should be
> structured such that it can be done--it'll make for cleaner code and a more
> powerful interface.

agreed. the floating-ness at least has to move away from being
interleaved with tiled windows -- that just doesn't let fullscreen
tiling work very well with floating windows, since focus gets permuted

-- Don

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