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Fri Jun 1 01:29:56 EDT 2007

Issue 17: User-definable X monad state type

Comment #1 by dons00:
We have two proposed solutions:

1), standard dynamically checked symbol table in XState. Using a Map String Dynamic
or similar, see [http://cse.unl.edu/~sjanssen/typekey.hs]. Used in Yi, notably, for
data type extensions. Upside: we know it works. Downside: runtime checking, urgh.

2) user-specified StateT types. Add a data type parameter to X, defined in Config.hs.
Upside: fully statically checked. Downside: combining state from separate plugins
would require boilerplate (would it)

3) serious generalisation: arbitrary monad transformers. let the user plug and play
whatever semantics they want. upside: ridiculously powerful generalisation. downside:
type hell trying to combine separate monads in separate extensions.

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