[Xmonad] xmobar-0.7 released

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Wed Jul 25 05:57:51 EDT 2007


I've just released xmobar-0.7, a text based status bar I wrote for the
XMonad WM.

Grab it from hackage:

A screen shot:

A precompiled binary can be download from here:

What's new:

- fixed the refreshing issues: thanks to Spencer xmobar now properly
  handles the Expose X event;
- added command line options (try xmobar --help): command line options
  will overwrite options in the configuration file;
- default configuration file can be set as ~/.xmobarrc
- system monitors are now just a plugin and can be disable before
  compiling (see README to find out how);
- better error and exception handling
- other minor changes I do not even remember ...;-)

Thanks to Robert Manea, Spencer Janssen, Claus Reinke for their great

All the best,

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