[Xmonad] A few patches

Michael G.Sloan mgsloan at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 17:18:20 EDT 2007

The last 3 are just config tweaks that I think are better.  Pure opinion of course.  
My config is configured more than this, but these are the ones that I think could be 
candidates for defaulting.

The shift cleanup is basically switching the style from using lists as control 
structures to explicit composition.

The Properties.hs patch is probably the most interesting.  I'm not entirely sure it is 
doing what it's supposed to, but the intent is to limit the range of certain random 
numbers, such that reasonable ranges are tested.  I think that at the moment pretty much 
all the iterations on these particular tests succeed since the number is way out of 
range.  After fixing this for some, all the tests still work :)  I'd suggest that 
someone more familiar with xmonad look over the tests for these situations, though.

Hmm, I probably should have added those as long comments to the patches...

Sun Jul 22 13:52:25 PDT 2007  Michael G. Sloan <mgsloan at gmail.com>
  * Properties numbers fixed

Sun Jul 22 13:53:37 PDT 2007  Michael G. Sloan <mgsloan at gmail.com>
  * Cleanup of shift code

Sun Jul 22 14:04:31 PDT 2007  Michael G. Sloan <mgsloan at gmail.com>
  * Maintain focus when shifting windows between screens

Sun Jul 22 14:06:29 PDT 2007  Michael G. Sloan <mgsloan at gmail.com>
  * Alt-Tab rather than Mod-Tab

Sun Jul 22 14:08:38 PDT 2007  Michael G. Sloan <mgsloan at gmail.com>
  * Golden split ratio

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