[Xmonad] X Events in a Status Bar

Robert Manea rob.manea at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 17 07:12:16 EDT 2007

* Andrea Rossato (mailing_list at istitutocolli.org) wrote:
> Now, how can you handle X Events in such a situation and specifically
> an Exposure event?

Well, you would keep the already rendered string in apixmap. 

This pixmap will be updated whenever you read a new value, actually
whenever you would need to build a new string out of your list.

On expose events you just copy that pixmap into the window, without any
further cheks.

By definition that pixmap always consists of the newest values you
could get.

Or did I get something wrong?

> You could just forget about it, keep on updating periodically, but
> then someone is going to say that your status bar has refresh issues
> (who cares? Once I started it I'm not going to cover it, so no
> Exposure event handling is needed here. If you have a problem with
> that send a patch, it could even be applied...;-).

Hehe, as you've already seen you should not rely on that. People will
always find a way to expose problems and shortcomings in software ;).

> Ciao
> Andrea

Bye, Rob.

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