[Xmonad] xmobar-0.5 "The Monolitic" just released!

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Sun Jul 8 06:59:26 EDT 2007


Introducing XMobar, "the Monolitic", a minimalistic text based status
bar (and system monitor) for the XMonad Window Manager, featuring
dynamic color management and external program execution.

Grab it here:

The required screen shot (XMobar is at the very bottom):
To run this:
xmobar xmobar.config-sample 
xmobar.config-sample comes with the distributed package.

Please have a look to the README for more details on how configure

About this release

I was talking with Spencer in the #xmonad channel and he suggested to
run monitors internally, so to get rid, as much as possible, of
System.Process.runInteractiveCommand (btw, in ghc HEAD this function
leaks memory, as does runInteractiveProcess in 6.6.1 - but this last
one keeps on leaking in HEAD too...things are getting better, in terms
of symmetry, at leas;-).

Spencer also suggested a data type. That was a nice suggestion too,
since I was eager to declare at least one class in XMobar. So,
eventually I was able to internally run monitors with class and,
hopefully, less resource consumption.

This also means that monitors are not just examples any more, but
real stuff: I tried at least to improve the most stupid one, the
weather monitor, that now should at least report some error if
something goes wrong.

I wrote something about configuring XMobar in the README: that should
be a complete reference. I'm far from saying it is readable, but there
it is. At least I wrote it.

This new way of running monitors requires some more code clean up,
getting rid of some stupid duplicates. That will be done with the next

Please report back if you think this is an improvement over previous

Hope you'll enjoy.

Comments, suggestions, critiques, top output/comparison with dzen2, or
other C/C++ stuff are always welcome.

All the best,

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