[xmonad] Issue 114 in xmonad: configurable click-to-focus vs. focus-follows-mouse

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Fri Dec 28 11:17:55 EST 2007

Issue 114: configurable click-to-focus vs. focus-follows-mouse

New issue report by eric.kow:
I would like to make xmonad have click-to-focus behaviour instead of the
usual focus-follows-mouse.  If I understand correctly, I can do this by
modifying the source code, specifically by commenting out:

-- entered a normal window, makes this focused.
handle e@(CrossingEvent {ev_window = w, ev_event_type = t})
    | t == enterNotify && ev_mode   e == notifyNormal
                       && ev_detail e /= notifyInferior = focus w

It would be lovely if I could do this without modifying xmonad itself.  Thanks!

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