[xmonad] Issue 112 in xmonad: Using LayoutHints crashes xmonad

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Thu Dec 27 07:46:11 EST 2007

Issue 112: Using LayoutHints crashes xmonad

New issue report by v.dijk.bas:
I just pulled the latest patches (27 Dec 2007) from xmonad and
XMonadContrib and rebuild everything. Now xmonad crashes when a new window
is opened. This only happens when using LayoutHints. The following is myLayout:

myLayout = LH.layoutHints ( tiled |||
                            Mirror tiled |||
                            NB.noBorders (T.tabbed T.shrinkText
                                          { T.tabSize = 15 }) |||
     -- default tiling algorithm partitions the screen into two panes
     tiled   = Tall nmaster delta ratio

     -- The default number of windows in the master pane
     nmaster = 1

     -- Default proportion of screen occupied by master pane
     ratio   = 1/2

     -- Percent of screen to increment by when resizing panes
     delta   = 3/100


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