[xmonad] Setup.lhs: xmonad.cabal:25: 'Executable' stanza starting ...

Jevin Maltais jevin at techie.com
Mon Dec 24 18:30:58 EST 2007

Hi and Merry Christmas!  I'm trying to get xmonad working on my Ubuntu
Gusty install.  I'm getting ideas from this link on how to install it
(it's only for xmonad 0.4):

So for mtl-1.1.0 and X11-1.4.1 I do:
sudo runhaskell Setup.* configure;
runhaskell Setup.* build
sudo runhaskell Setup.* install;

For and xmonad-0.5 I do:
pushd xmonad-0.5/;
runhaskell Setup.* configure --prefix=$HOME --user;
runhaskell Setup.* build
runhaskell Setup.* install

I get the following error for each of the "runhaskell" lines in the
xmond-0.5 dir:
Setup.lhs: xmonad.cabal:25: 'Executable' stanza starting with field
'flag small_base

Here is the output of "ghc-pkg list"
    Cabal-, X11-1.4.1, base-2.1.1, filepath-1.0, (ghc-6.6.1),
    haskell98-1.0, mtl-1.0.1, mtl-, parsec-2.0, readline-1.0,
    regex-base-0.72, regex-compat-0.71, regex-posix-0.71, rts-1.0,
    stm-2.0, template-haskell-2.1, unix-2.1

Any ideas?

Jevin Maltais [jevin at techie.com]

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