[xmonad] Patch to the current darcs version

Rafael Almeida almeidaraf at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 13:30:13 EST 2007

I'm using the current darcs version, but the following line seems
wrong. With the change I made I can have the XMonad directory with
extensions to xmonad right there on .xmonad. Before, there was just a
-i parameter followed by another parameter. That seems wrong to me.
Now ghc is called with -i. and everything seems to work fine. I hope
I'm not missing something obvious here.

diff -rN -u old-xmonad/XMonad/Core.hs new-xmonad/XMonad/Core.hs
--- old-xmonad/XMonad/Core.hs   2007-12-21 16:29:27.000000000 -0200
+++ new-xmonad/XMonad/Core.hs   2007-12-21 16:29:27.000000000 -0200
@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@
     binT <- getModTime bin
     when (force || srcT > binT) $ do
         status <- bracket (openFile err WriteMode) hClose $ \h -> do
-            waitForProcess =<< runProcess "ghc" ["--make",
"xmonad.hs", "-i", "-no-recomp", "-v0", "-o",binn] (Just dir)
+            waitForProcess =<< runProcess "ghc" ["--make",
"xmonad.hs", "-i.", "-no-recomp", "-v0", "-o",binn] (Just dir)
                                     Nothing Nothing Nothing (Just h)

         -- now, if it fails, run xmessage to let the user know:

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