[xmonad] Issue 105 in xmonad: Tabs become managed windows upon xmonad restart on multi-screen setups

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Tue Dec 18 05:29:18 EST 2007

Issue 105: Tabs become managed windows upon xmonad restart on 
multi-screen setups

Comment #1 by andrea.rossato:
I'm sorry but I cannot fully understand this bug report.

According to the status bar, in the focused workspace of the attached 
images, there
is the Tall layout, and not the tabbed layout.

"Closing one of the tab windows quits xmonad": what are the tab windows 
you are
referring to? the decoration windows (the tabs) or the window the 
decoration is for?
I don't see any decoration becoming managed in you screenshot.

sorry if I'm asking this info: I'm supposed to be the maintainer of the tabbed
layout, but I don't have multiple screens I can use to reproduce you 
problem, so I
need more information...

by the way, mod+q should issue this command:
broadcastMessage ReleaseResources >> restart (Just "xmonad") True

did you change it? specifically "broadcastMessage ReleaseResources" 
should destroy
all decoration, so no decoration should be managed after a xmonad restart.


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