[xmonad] set window borders in manageHook

Thomas Adam thomas.adam22 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 07:17:51 EST 2007

Hello --

On 15/12/2007, Lukas Mai <l.mai at web.de> wrote:
> Hello!
> I want to be able to mess with window borders in manageHook (e.g. to make
> mplayer borderless at all times). This is impossible because of the way
> 'manage' and 'windows' currently work.

Indeed.  Interesting idea; I've been wanting to see a way of doing
this, but also setting a different focused/non-focused border colour
for specific windows as well.

> Any ideas what to do here? I think 'manage' and possibly the manageHook
> interface need to be changed to make this work, and I don't like interface
> changes. :/

Hmm.  I can't think of any other sane way...

-- Thomas Adam

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