[xmonad] darcs patch: +XMonad.Util.Search: new module (and 1 more)

Brent Yorgey byorgey at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 13:49:06 EST 2007

> >
> >    Applied, thanks.  Note that I also pushed a third patch which fixes a
> >    couple problems: there was a warning caused by some name shadowing,
> and
> >    there were also a few haddock syntax errors.
> Oh, were there any? It compiled cleanly for me before I sent it in. Well,
> thanks.

Oh, hm, maybe it's a warning under 6.8.2 but not earlier?

> >    Anyway, I like it!  Although I wonder whether this should be in
> >    XMonad.Prompt rather than XMonad.Util?
> >
> >    -Brent
> I was wondering what to name it. I ultimately decided against prompt
> because it seemed to me that for each search engine, there were three
> functions you might want to use appertaining to it:
> #A function to which you pass the browser and string - this could be used
> anywhere by anything, eg. one of the man page modules might offer search'
> functionality or something. This has nothing to do with a prompt.
> #A function to which you pass the browser, and it pops up a prompt asking
> the user for the string. This does has something to do with a prompt.
> #A function to which you pass the browser, and it goes and fetches the
> string all on its own from somewhere (in the current case, from the
> copy-paste selection buffer). Again, nothing to do with a prompt.
> So there really didn't seem to be anywhere good for it to go other than
> Actions or Utils.

Hmm, fair enough.  I guess it's fine where it is. =)

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