[xmonad] Trouble with multiple screens and Nvidia drivers

Jamie Webb j at jwebb.sygneca.com
Thu Dec 13 19:41:22 EST 2007

On 2007-12-13 23:22:53 Bárður Árantsson wrote:
> This is what the nvidia control panel says. The nvidia control panel
> also says that Xinerama is enabled (and so does my xorg.conf).
> Xdpyinfo says:
>    default screen number:    0
>    number of screens:    1
> and lists a screen size of 3200x1200 (my screens are both 1600x1200).

That's correct.

> As far as I understand Xinerama this is all as it should be. Moving
> stuff across the boundary between the two screens works as it should.

I'm not sure what stuff you'd be moving between screens under XMonad,
other than the mouse pointer.

> Now, the behavior that seems very disconcerting to me is this:
> Let's say I use the Full layout exclusively and place a client (A) on
> workspace 1, thus:
>     Workspace 1:
>         Screen 1           Screen 0
>     |--------------|     |--------------|
>     |   (empty)    |     | client A     |
>     |--------------|     |--------------|

Nope. Screen 0 is showing workspace 1. Screen 1 is showing workspace 2.

> I'm really baffled by this behavior. Am I missing something
> fundamental about how xmonad+Xinerama is supposed to work?

Yes. Each screen shows a different workspace and can switch between
workspaces independently. When you type alt-1 etc., that workspace is
pulled onto the currently focused screen. If the workspace you want to
change to is already visible on the other screen, XMonad swaps it with
your current workspace.


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