[xmonad] XMonad 0.5, combo layouts, swapDown and swapUp

Dave Harrison dave at nullcube.com
Mon Dec 10 18:37:38 EST 2007

David Roundy wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 11, 2007 at 08:20:04AM +1100, Dave Harrison wrote:
>> David Roundy wrote:
>>> Secondly, with regard to focus order, Combo separates the focus order from
>>> the visual representation, because the focus order is handled by core
>>> xmonad, which has no knowledge of the hierarchical grouping, and isn't
>>> friendly to layouts reordering windows.  A proper fix would be to implement
>>> hierarchical Stacks in the core, but that seems unlikely, so we are left
>>> with ugly hacks, and ugly hacks are likely to remain ugly (although, we
>>> *can* give them beautiful syntax).
>> So just to clarify, does this mean that there IS an ugly hack in place
>> but there is a bug in it, or the solution would be an ugly hack that
>> has not been implemented ?
> It means there IS an ugly hack in place, and it's got a bug because
> reimplementing most of xmonad core in an extension seems to me like the
> wrong way to go... besides the fact that it would require you to use custom
> shiftUp/Down etc.  Xmonad is just not designed to be extensible in the way
> that Combo extends it, and this shows.

Yow, that's a bit of a showstopper for me since I'm a heavy user of
ComboLayout at the office (dev on a big monitor calls for a Full to
the left and tabs to the right I find) - I'm suddenly considering a
downgrade :-(  What's the way forward here ?

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