[xmonad] Issue 99 in xmonad: common command line flags (version, replace, display)

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Mon Dec 10 02:15:02 EST 2007

Issue 99: common command line flags (version, replace, display)

Comment #1 by thomas.adam22:
--display and --version are trivial.   Would be nice also to have a 
--screen flag for
xinerama, too.

The point of this reply is to discuss how --replace might work, since 
it's not as
trivial as people might think.

When xmonad loads it should "register" itself as the running window 
manager.  How it
would do this is by interning a series of XAtoms which setup meta 
information about
itself, such as:


Then, using the XClientMessageEvent structure, fill it in.  The XAtoms 
defined above
would need changing via XChangeProperty().

Then just send the event of StructureNotifyMask along with the XClientMessageEvent

There's more to it than that, but that's the basic outline.

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