[xmonad] Problem in Installing xmonad

Nikitin Lev nlv at lab321.ru
Tue Dec 4 06:11:16 EST 2007


I'm trying install xmonad (0.4.1).
I use debian linux 4.0 r1
I've installed new version of ghc: 6.8.1, version of X11 is 1.3.0.
When I configure xmonad (runhaskell Setup.lhs configure) I get error:

    Could not find module `Data.Set':
      it is a member of package containers-, which is hidden

Can anybody help me?

P.S. With older version of ghc (from debian distr, I had problem to
install old-time and old-locale packages...).

P.S.S. I'm novice in haskell. Is there any tutorial how to install
(update) new haskell packages (for ghc)?

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