[Xmonad] I don't notice when someone talks to me via Gaim

Kai Grossjohann kai at emptydomain.de
Wed Aug 29 07:45:55 EDT 2007

I use Gaim for instant messaging.  I use guifications so that I am
notified when someone sends me a message.  But this is not enough for

I think what I want is this:

  - All Gaim windows go to a specific workspace.

  - Whenever someone talks to me via Gaim, then I get a notification
    about this that is unobtrusive but not transient.

I am requesting the first one because sometimes I lose a chat window (in
the sense of forgetting where it is).  That is, I go to the buddy list,
double click on a contact and nothing happens.  That's because the chat
window for that contact is already open.  But I don't know where the
chat window is.  In one case, it was one of five windows in a "full"
layout workspace.

For the second one, I am not sure what to do.  Perhaps the workspace
name in the workspace list should flash?  Or I should get an indicator
in the status bar that a Gaim message is waiting for me?


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