[Xmonad] unclutter

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Tue Aug 28 10:28:23 EDT 2007


yesterday there has been a complain about the way unclutter (the small
utility to hide the pointer after some inactivity) interacts with
XMonad. If you run it without the -grab option and you happen to have
the pointer over the borders of the screen, it is not possible to
change the focus anymore. This is because XMonad uses the mouse to
focus windows.[1]

This is due to the unclutter default behavior, which uses fake X events
to interact with other X clients.

So I rewrote unclutter in Haskell. There's a small issue with threads
and the timer, but it is usable here.

You can grab it with other haskell utilities for xmonad here:
darcs get http://gorgias.mine.nu/repos/xmonad-utils/

or get it directly here:
together with this:

This is a collection of utilities I've already written about. I'm
going to release them as soon as X11-extras-0.3 will be released.


[1] btw there is another issue with that: open 4 windows and
float and resize the last one.
Focus the first or the second window and switch to the full layout.
Now Enter the floating window with the mouse. Did you notice something
on the background? You are on the 3rd window.

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