[Xmonad] I just noticed...

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Mon Aug 20 19:12:49 EDT 2007

Peter De Wachter wrote:
> This is a silly layout hack that hides the outer borders. (By putting
> them "outside" the screen. I guess that won't work on Xinerama
> systems.)
> It turns out that GTK puts an empty pixel between the menu bar and the
> top of the window. Qt gets it right.

Since posting, I noticed (but haven't tried) the NoBorders xmonad 
extension.  Presumably it also removes inner borders, and more 
importantly fails to fix GTK :)

on my system, OpenOffice appears to be good, firefox and thunderbird 
(XUL) one pixel bad, and GTK+2 (gftp) even more than one pixel downwards 
from the top of the window interior.


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