[Xmonad] I just noticed...

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Thu Aug 16 09:42:54 EDT 2007

XMonad layouts make the menu-bars of a window often be at the top of the 
screen.  Well, one pixel away from the top of the screen.  It would be 
better for mouse movement not to go off the window, like in Mac OS 
menu-bars: if the cursor wouldn't go onto those pixels, it is 
ergonomically easier (Fitts's law) to reach the menubars, because there 
is no limit on how much vertical movement you make.  If there are 
buttons or something on the side or bottom of windows, this applies to 
them too.  Is it a disadvantage not to be able to remove the cursor from 
within the bounds of the window?  The ability to have full-screen 
windows automatically when there is only one window displayed at once 
seems like a really nice property (for VNC, or qemu, ... perhaps).

I am then concerned about the small possibility of there being a way to 
remove the cursor from any window (assuming the current workspace 
contains ANY windows).  If the border highlighting doesn't appear at the 
edges of the monitor, how to distinguish which of two windows is active? 
  A two pixel (or four pixel possibly? depending on screen 
resolution...) buffer between windows, could indicate that with a color 
difference or gradient, and it could be as if the cursor were in the 
*nearest* window, on the edge of it (I wonder if that would confuse any 
apps, or if it could be done right...)

P.S. I also have xmodmap my command/apple keys to Control modifier
Here is what I currently do to my MacBook keyboard in case anyone's 

#Turn off caps-lock.
#Make left and right command (apple) keys function as control keys
#  as well as the actual control keys.
#keycode 108 (keysym 0xff8d, KP_ENTER)
#I guess I'll turn "enter" into a "right alt/option" for now
#rightAlt-shift-Return doesn't seem to work, but others
# (rightAlt-shift-c) seem to (even with right shift)
xmodmap \
         -e 'remove Lock = Caps_Lock' \
         -e 'clear Control'           \
         -e 'keycode 115 = Control_L' \
         -e 'keycode 116 = Control_R' \
         -e 'add Control = Control_L' \
         -e 'add Control = Control_R' \
         -e 'clear Mod1'              \
         -e 'keycode 108 = Alt_R'     \
         -e 'add Mod1 = Alt_L'        \
         -e 'add Mod1 = Alt_R'

(for middle- and right- click I use F12 and [eject], which could be 


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