[Xmonad] Re: Xmonad no longer compile since latest darcs pull

Xavier Maillard maillaxa at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 03:17:12 EDT 2007


Andrea Rossato <mailing_list at ...> writes:

> 2. send here the offending lines (arounf Config line 170), so that I
>    can understand the specific issue with the offending function and
>    try to give you an answer.

Here are they:

    -- mod-shift-[1..9] @@ Move client to workspace N
    [((m .|. modMask, k), f i)
        | (i, k) <- zip [0 .. fromIntegral workspaces - 1] [xK_1 ..]
        , (f, m) <- [(view, 0), (shift, shiftMask)]]

Once again, thank you very much (I really should start learning 
haskell to be as independant as possible :))



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