[Xmonad] Wanted: screenshots

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Aug 5 03:08:55 EDT 2007

The (now very large!) contrib page has been indexed and reorganised, to
reflect the current state of the contributions repo.


All the new  extensions since 0.2 should now be on the page.

One thing missing is some screenshots for the newer layouts.

Could people using the following please send screenshots! 

    Accordion layout
    Tabbed layout     (something very ion-ish please!)
    Two pane layout
    Hinted layout
    Square layout
    Three column layout

If you're using these, could you take a quick screenshot and send me the
url, so we can more easily illustrate what each layout algo does.

Also on the web page is a link to Andrea's great haddock docs for the
core and extensions. 



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