[Xmonad] A plan for external configuration and extension

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Apr 29 03:07:01 EDT 2007

So we've got a plan for collecting and distributing all the nice
config.hs and external program hacks for xmonad. The idea is to pull
extensions from a central repo of extensions:


An example of how to use, e.g. the simpleDate popup menu extension here: 


(And on xmonad.org/contrib.html soon).  Basically, keep all extensions
as haskell modules (and external programs) in this repo. Users then
darcs pull (or wget) to overlay the extensions on their xmonad repo.

Once downloaded, using an extension is as simple as editing Config.hs:

    import XMonadContrib.SimpleDate

and adding a key binding, building and mod-shift-ctrl-q reloading.

Hopefully this will address the tension between a minimal, high polished
xmonad core, with arbitrarily complex 3rd party extensions.

Have you written a nice extension? Have an interesting Config.hs?  If
so, please stick them in XMonadContrib, and send us the patch!  Demo
Config.hs and other programs should also be contributed as patches to
the examples/ subdirectory.

-- Don

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