[Haskell wikibook] WikiBook Haskell

laura_huber at ist-willig.de laura_huber at ist-willig.de
Wed Jan 29 10:58:18 UTC 2014


does it make sense to post here my comments reg. the WikiBook? I am currently learning Haskell and find it quite nice and in a good way structured, but nevertheless some things are still with questionmarks, eg. how to read the signature properly? 

The samples I find great and I have some ideas as well for additional resp. variation, e.g. Why is cons of a function cons8 n= n:8 not possible, but n:[8] or with the tuple (head n, tail n) works, but if I want to have only (firstelement, lastelement) (Int, Int) How to...

The PDF has also some minor issue, e.g. page 38 empty.

But all gets me back to the initial question: Is this the proper place for adding remarks?


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