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Daniel Mlot duplode_1 at yahoo.com.br
Sun Apr 13 06:17:04 UTC 2014

Hello Laura,

First of all, this is an horribly late reply, and I'm sorry for that. 
Eric's advice about comments, and about "just going in and making 
changes", is perfectly sound of course. As for current activity in the 
Wikibook, I try to, at least a couple times per year, spend some time 
there reviewing pending changes, performing general maintenance and 
writing some new content. I am not aware of other active (or 
sporadically active, like myself) regulars right now, though there is a 
steady trickle of helpful changes by visitors.

I replied to some of your comments in the talk pages, in case you still 
have an use for them after so long. You can find the replies more 
quickly than through the regular interface by going to 
https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/User:Duplode/Haskell/Public_watchlist and 
using the "Related changes" link in the sidebar, under Tools (that page, 
by the way, is a crude measure to make changes to book talk pages a 
little easier to monitor, given the inflexibility of MediaWiki in that 



Eric Kow wrote:
> Hi Laura,
> I think this is a good place for comments on the wikibook.
> It's sometimes helpful to check the discussion page on the web too.
> The advantage of the mailing list is the natural archiving.
> Note that you might have more luck just going in and making changes
> yourself if you feel up to it.
> Also, I doubt anybody would be offended if you annotated the pages
> directly with comments about what is confusing or not.
> I'm not aware of what's been going on with the wikibook lately, by the way,
> who's editing it for example.
> Was just pleasantly surprised to see some (non-spam) activity on this list.
> Cheers,
> Eric
> On 29 January 2014 10:58,  <laura_huber at ist-willig.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> does it make sense to post here my comments reg. the WikiBook? I am currently learning Haskell and find it quite nice and in a good way structured, but nevertheless some things are still with questionmarks, eg. how to read the signature properly?
>> The samples I find great and I have some ideas as well for additional resp. variation, e.g. Why is cons of a function cons8 n= n:8 not possible, but n:[8] or with the tuple (head n, tail n) works, but if I want to have only (firstelement, lastelement) (Int, Int) How to...
>> The PDF has also some minor issue, e.g. page 38 empty.
>> But all gets me back to the initial question: Is this the proper place for adding remarks?
>> laura
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