[Haskell wikibook] Anyone around?

Daniel David duplode_1 at yahoo.com.br
Thu May 6 17:50:06 EDT 2010

Hello everybody,

I joined this list after spending a good while learning Haskell basics with the Wikibook and at the same time trying to do some refactoring on the book itself. Consider this a test message: I am looking for other people interested in discussing ways to improve the contents, and I'm polling the reactions/activity of the subscribers of this list. I am particularly interested in the Beginner Modules - not only because it's the area I, as a newbie haskeller, feel more comfortable in contributing to right now, but also because it naturally would tend to be kind of overlooked by veterans willing to add interesting stuff in the advanced chapters (as far as I can be aware of, only one Wikibook regular has seen some of my contributions there so far, namely Apfelmus).

Waiting for your replies ;-)

Daniel Mlot

P.S.: Forgive me for any etiquette mistakes, it is the first time I'm using a conventional mailing list as opposed to a phpBB forum or something in that vein. 


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