[Haskell wikibook] Using XHTML Elements in the Wikibook

Eric Y. Kow eric.kow at gmail.com
Sat May 19 14:13:34 EDT 2007

Hi again,

Thanks for the clarification.  I do somewhat appreciate the inherent
difficulties that blind users may have accessing online material (my
office mate is also blind; he uses a refreshable braille device, and
navigates in a 1x40 window using the text browser Lynx).  Thanks for
reminding us that it is an important issue.

You might want to take this up with the wikipedia folks, as they are
a larger wikimedia foundation project and surely have more experience
with accessibility than wikibooks do.  For instance, here is a page
of wikipedia accessibility guidelines:

> The wikibook is, and I repeat, fully navigable for the most part but 
> that shouldn't preclude us from striving for perfection.

I think what David was asking was what explicit XHTML in the markup in
source would add in terms of accesibility benefits, since the wiki
syntax is automatically converted to XHTML anyway for browsing...

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