[web-devel] http-types: Request for comments for major release

Aristid Breitkreuz aristidb at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 29 17:07:20 CEST 2012

Hello Haskellers,

I would like to prepare a new major release of http-types, for the
following reasons:

   - Removing functions that have been deprecated for months.
   - I have added a new module QueryLike, which should make it much easier
   to create Query objects (it is modelled after recurring patterns in my
   - Possibly: An opportunity to split the big module Network.HTTP.Types
   into smaller modules (of course still exposing all functionality at the
   well-known Network.HTTP.Types module).
   - Add new functionality that the community (you!) wants to see.

So the first thing I'd like to ask of you is to please remove deprecated
functionality and/or create strict upper bounds. The upcoming version will
be 0.7, and other than removing deprecated functions, I plan to keep the
API fully compatible.

The other thing is: Are there things you'd like to see added? Does
http-types as it is have deficiencies that you'd like to see addressed?

And to the Yesod maintainers: As Yesod is right now the single biggest user
of http-types (with a relatively long release cycle), would it be OK for
you to relax the bounds in the upcoming release to http-types >=0.6.11 &&
<0.8 (assuming you don't use deprecated functions), even when http-types
0.7 is not released yet?


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