[web-devel] FilePath in WAI

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 19:32:11 CEST 2012

Hello Kazu,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 11:41:33 AM, you wrote:

> To implement high-performance web servers, I would like to remove
> overhead of String and want to use ByteString instead

1. when dealing with files involve system call, overhead of converting
String forth and back to ByteString would be probably small compared
to syscall itself

2. in the Haskell maillists, there were huge discussions about
filenames nature. on Windows, filename is actually a list of Unicode
characters (usually passed to Win32 APIs in UTF16 encoding), on Linux
it's byte string in some partition-specific encoding. all the details
are dealt in the hard way by the standard libraries. running ahead of
them may be very difficult job

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