[web-devel] I just published a Wai+Persistent integration testing library (github, not hackage)

Nubis nubis at woobiz.com.ar
Tue Jan 3 14:36:06 CET 2012

Hi guys, somewhat related to my stupid question yesterday, I finished
cleaning up and packing the integration tests library we are using
with Max Cantor at Hachicode.


It's based on wai-test. Test cases keep the state of cookies and the
last response in order to make assertions on it. It also lets you
introspect the last response in order to build your next request,
looking up the _nonce and field names of the last received form.It
also lets you query the database to pre-populate data and check that
your actions get reflected on the database as expected.

It's pretty early stage, but already useful, I'd like to hear your
opinions about it.

As you may notice the source is cabalized but I don't have a username
for hackage yet, and even if I had I think I'd wait a bit before
publishing it there.

PS: While we're at it, I also published a game library a few weeks
ago, I'd love feedback on that too: https://github.com/nubis/Monono


----nubis :)

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