[web-devel] Connection: handling on Warp

Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at iij.ad.jp
Wed Jul 20 03:56:36 CEST 2011


> ApacheBench is a piece of ... well, I've nothing good to say about it. It
> doesn't speak HTTP 1.1, it screws up keepalive negotiations, it fails to scale
> up to generating high load, etc, etc.

I did not say we should use ab. I just said warp has a problem when we
use ab.

> If you want something more plausible that actually speaks HTTP 1.1 (HTTP 1.0
> is just about dead in the real world, and has been for ages), use httperf.
> However, I quite strongly dislike using it: it takes a long time to read
> enough of the documentation to figure out how to do supposedly simple things
> ... such as specifying a URL!

Agreed. But I have already understand what its command arguments
mean. The following slide describes it.


The real problem of httperf to me is
- it is using select().
- it does not support IPv6.

> My Haskell HTTP load tester is incomplete, but definitely solid enough for use
> now: https://github.com/mailrank/http-load-tester

I should point out that this URL is not public now. Probably this is
accidental. I guess that you should re-open it.

I tried http-load-tester before. Its documentation is not good enough
at this momemnt. But I could execute http-load-tester
somehow. Unfortunately, the results does not contains *units*. So, I
cannot understand what the results mean.


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