[web-devel] [yesod] Messages / i18n question: how to handle "xx-xx" languages

Markus Barenhoff mb at niulabs.com
Wed Jun 29 18:55:23 CEST 2011

I'am using  mkMessage to create the i18n stuff for a project.
I've created a en.msg and a de.msg and everything is running smoothly
and I can use the message consts in my hamlet template with _{}.

But I'am a little bit unsure whats the best practise to handle the
language parameters like 'de-de' or 'en-us'.
The Message framework does not seem to handle those cases by using
en.msg for en-us if en-us.msg is not found.
But copying the message files  also seems not a good option.
Putting a "take 2" version of the language to the _LANG cookie var
works, but needs a reload to become active...

Any suggestions / best practice advices?


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