[web-devel] On moving Yesod-specific discussion to a separate list

Jasper Van der Jeugt m at jaspervdj.be
Mon Jun 27 09:38:18 CEST 2011

Hello all,

I was wondering if it would be possible to direct Yesod-specific discussion
to a separate mailing list. I do not have any disrespect towards Yesod, the
main problem is that one can only read some finite number of mailing lists
before being overwhelmed.

A certain portion of Yesod-related mails certainly belong on the web-devel
list. I'm thinking of e.g. RFC's, announcements, libraries. These are all
mails which are of interest to the webdev community as a whole.

However, there's a difference between Yesod-related and Yesod specific.
Personally, I am not interested in "How to do X in Yesod" mails, because I
don't know much about Yesod, and sometimes it's hard to manually "filter"
this mailing list before reading it.

I think it would benefit the two types of readers if we could move
Yesod-specific discussion to a separate mailing list.

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