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Thu Feb 24 17:58:36 CET 2011

both compile time and data driven ones.

The compile time ones are useful for abbreviations. They could
probably be done using web-routes even now, but not sure how well that
will work in practice.

The data/value driven names are no more but a map from user specified
paths to expessions in some data store.

Both of the above can be used to provide clean, human readable urls,
which are good both for usablility and SEO.

In short - the url DSLs this package makes easy to create makes gives
me a warm fuzzy feeling. You have a beer or a drink of your choice, or
chocolate, on me if we meet somewhere.

And a question:

data Event = Event { eventId     :: Maybe Integer -- ^ The event id.
                    , eventScope  :: Bool          -- ^ Show the scope?
                    , eventLayout :: Layout        -- ^ Layout for the page.
                    , eventRec :: Rec
deriving (Data,Typeable,Show)

data Rec = Rec { one :: Int, two :: Int }    deriving (Data,Typeable,Show)

Would it be possible to express the above in a URL? I understand that
at the moment it is not, but what are your thoughts on how far it
would be reasonable to push the encoding.


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