[web-devel] Yesod: unifying breadcrumbs and routes

Eric Schug schugschug at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 01:02:37 CEST 2011

There seems to be much redundant information created within the Yesod 
One place to define the routes
Another place defines the route hierarchy for breadcrumbs with titles.
A third place defines, but not integrated into Yesod, defines use menus 
(usually similar hierarchy and titles).

Would it be possible to have all of this defined into one place, by 
extending the routes definition using white space
hierarchy similar to hamlet definition.
and optionally include Title name.

-- Example config/routes
/static StaticR Static getStatic
/favicon.ico FaviconR GET
/robots.txt RobotsR GET
/ RootR GET "Home"
     /contact  ContactR GET  "Contact Us"
     /services ServicesR GET  "Our Services"
         /services/stuffwedo StuffWeDoR GET "Stuff We Do"

The resource list would be expanded to include this hierarchy. Something 
Resource String 
String Maybe String

 From this a breadcrumb could be build from a maker (if desired).

mkYesodData "Example" $(parseRoutesFile "config/routes")
mkYesodBreadcrumbs "Example" resourcesExample -- creates breadcrumbsExample

and a hierarchy useful for building Menus

mkYesodHierarchy "Example" resourcesExample -- creates a nested table of 
(Route, Html) pairs

The menu list could also be pulled from the data, with possible few options.

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