[web-devel] Kick-off discussion: Yesod 0.9

Mark Bradley barkmadley at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 15:44:51 CEST 2011

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 11:32 PM, Justin Greene
<justin.j.greene at gmail.com> wrote:
>> * Forms package: It's been rewritten, but hasn't really had much input
>> from others. Now's the time to speak up if you have any opinions on
>> it. The code is available on Hackage.
> List of things that should be inside a forms package in my opinion.
> Custom Design: Form layout should be simple to customize and not be based
> around auto generating tables (if both are possible then of course the later
> can be used).
> Variable length lists: It should be possible to add form elements on the
> client side and bind them on the server side.  An example of this would be a
> list of addresses.  A programmer should be able to add a new address widget
> client side without problems when binding server side.
> Validation:  Complex validation scenarios should be simple and should fit
> into the normal validation pipeline.  An example would be validating that if
> a checkbox is selected then a textbox becomes required.
> All validation errors should display around the same time, e.g. if a type
> validator fires it should not prevent other validators from firing after it
> unless those validators depend upon that type data.
> These are just my thoughts based upon my experiences writing forms.  I can't
> really utilize any framework that doesn't implement these features for the
> types of projects I do.
> If you need any more details/clarification I'd be happy to help.

out of curiosity, which frameworks have you worked with that have some
or all of these features (particularly the complicated validation)?

> On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Michael Snoyman <michael at snoyman.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> It's been about a month since the 0.8 release of Yesod. In the release
>> announcement[1], we laid out some goals. Let's take a chance to
>> analyze where we're at:
>> * Documentation: Still improving as always. In particular, the new
>> Yesod site is making it much easier for me to write new content (I
>> have a few things on my local system that can finally go up).
>> * Static file caching headers: Implemented by Greg Weber. We'll likely
>> be making some API changes to handle embedded files, though that
>> discussion deserves its own blog post.
>> * Other template types: For Hamlet 0.9, we're going to be splitting
>> Julius/Coffeescript into their own package, and juggling the type
>> signature for Coffeescript a bit. At that point, it should be
>> straightforward to embed Coffeescript directly into a Yesod app, just
>> like Julius is today.
>> * Something like require.js: This is something we haven't started on
>> yet. I'll likely start looking into it this week. Additionally, I know
>> that a lot of my sites (jQuery powered) have numerous onload calls per
>> page; I think we can try to make that more efficient as well. I would
>> especially like people's input on this point.
>> * i18n: The solution is written, and I'm using it in production. At
>> this point, I'd call it beta quality, and I'd appreciate input.
>> * Embedded objects in MongoDB: No work done yet.
>> * Performance improvements: Nothing in particular. If you have any
>> examples of Yesod performing badly, please let us know.
>> The goal is for Yesod 0.9 to be feature complete, and for 1.0 to be a
>> fairly stable API. From the list above, my two priorities are better
>> Javascript loading (require.js) and static file serving. However,
>> there's one other major issue we need to address: the devel server.
>> Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well at all right now. Thankfully,
>> "yesod build" *does* work very well, and for my development I've
>> fallen back to simply "yesod build && ./dist/build/myapp/myapp" on the
>> command line. My guess is that we're 90% of the way there on "yesod
>> devel". This is a project that isn't tightly bound to the rest of the
>> API work, and would be very approachable for someone trying to get
>> started on Yesod development. If you're interested in helping out
>> here, please let me know.
>> I have no specific timeframe in mind for Yesod 0.9. As it stands now,
>> it looks like the 0.9 release will involve almost no API breakage,
>> which is a very good sign. But if you have any ideas you'd like to
>> contribute, I'd recommend getting them in in the next week or two.
>> Michael
>> [1] http://www.yesodweb.com/blog/2011/4/announcing-yesod-0-8
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