[web-devel] Naming Yesod templates

Greg Weber greg at gregweber.info
Mon May 9 16:28:44 CEST 2011

Hi web-devel,

Yesod has generalized hamlet-style templates a fair amount now so that
hamlet-style interpolation can be quickly added to any file. With this in
mind, we don't want to add a new Shakespearean name for every possible file
format. The standard we would like to follow is that if we actually create a
new format (hamlet or cassius), then we give it a special name. However, if
the template is just a pass-through (Julius), then it does not deserve a new
name. We have moved in this direction with coffeescript (pass-through), just
referring to it as coffee.

We would like to come up with a way to refer to hamlet-style templates. I
have used the term "hamlet family of templates". Shakespeare is a somewhat
natural fit. We would then call the Cofffeescript templates "Shakespeare
Coffeescript". However, a more descriptive name might be nice. A short
description of hamlet-style templates is: compile-time evaluated, type-safe
(we insert specific types, not just string), convenient (automatically uses
variables that are in scope), template languages.

Any input on possible names is welcome!

Also, just a heads up about that we are planning on making aeson a
yesod-core dependency (please complain now if you take issue). This is
because we want to move orphan ToJavascript instances will be moved into
Julius/Coffee where they belong We can make Julius/Coffee a separate package
so that hamlet does not have an aeson dependency, but this package will
still be a core dependency, and thus will create an aeson dependency in

Greg Weber
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