[web-devel] Last call for comments: WAI 0.4

Chris Smith cdsmith at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 17:50:30 CEST 2011

On Wed, 2011-03-30 at 16:45 +0200, Michael Snoyman wrote:
> Out of curiosity... what *is* the biggest obstacle to overcome?

Time and learning.  The current incarnation of web application
development in Haskell is still very new -- less than a year old, unless
you're Happstack? -- and we're still learning the right way to do it.
WAI, for instance, wouldn't be anywhere near the quality it is today if
every change had been met with the need to coordinate compatibility
issues with three significant communities of developers prior to a

Not being one of the people who've built a web server or web application
framework or similar in Haskell (my newfound role as a Snap developer is
fairly limited), I wouldn't presume to say too much.  But things are
still changing rapidly, and smart people who *have* built these things
still see some benefit in maintaining their own alternatives.  I'm
encouraged by some of the convergence of design decisions (which even
extends beyond just web frameworks; blaze-builder in the bytestring
package will be very nice for many kinds of Haskell applications), and
it looks like we're getting there.

There's no need to be in a hurry about it.  Standardization is great
once you know you've got the right design.


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