[web-devel] Performance of Yesod 0.7 fourteen times slower than Rails 2.3?

Sven Koschnicke (GFXpro) s.koschnicke at gfxpro.com
Mon Mar 21 11:10:38 CET 2011


I'm coming from a Rails background and was very impressed by the 
features of the Yesod Web Framework. Working on an trading app in Rails 
I wanted to port some features of this app to a Yesod app just to learn 
the framework and because we have some performance issues with Rails.

The first thing I noticed was that the Yesod app was significantly 
slower than the Rails app at trivial tasks. I am very astonished about 
that. I thought Rails should be slower because of its interpreted 
nature. I made some benchmarking and measured that a simple Rails app is 
fourteen times faster than a Yesod app that did the same thing (loading 
some records from the database and displaying them). Did I made a 
mistake or is my understanding, that the compiled app should be faster, 
just wrong?

I documented the results on github:


   Sven Koschnicke

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