[web-devel] WAI, http-enumerator, json-enumerator

Антон Чешков acheshkov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 16:21:31 CET 2011

Hello All.

Could anyone provide simple wai application example to better understand
json-enumerator and http-enumerator works.

This application must make:

1. takes  POST request with json data  "{a : 0}"
2. extract json data and with  json-enumerator  change value of "a" from 0
to 1
    3. send post request to URL (for example http://bla-bla.com) with
http-enumerator with json data "{a : 1}"
    4. recieve response from   http://bla-bla.com
5. send response with json data "{a : 1}"


Best regards,
Cheshkov Anton
Phone: +7 909 005 18 82
Skype: cheshkov_anton
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