[web-devel] yesod's hamletFileDebug

Rafael Cunha de Almeida rafael-lists at kontesti.me
Sat Jan 29 23:37:38 CET 2011


I'm new to yesod and haskell web development in general. I read a bit
about yesod and it looked nice. I thought it was really cool that I'd be
able to view my changes to a template without recompiling, something
I've always found very appealing in interpreted language's frameworks.

However, after running yesod it created a Setting.hs file which uses
H.cassiusFileDebug and H.juliusFileDebug for the purpose of dynamically
generating such files, but hamlet files doesn't seem to work that way.
Why was that changed? Am I to expect such feature will come back in the
future? Or is already possible it just need to be set somewhere else?


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