[web-devel] Beta version of Yesod 0.7

Michael Snoyman michael at snoyman.com
Tue Dec 28 20:20:14 CET 2010

Hi all,

I've been working on the 0.7 release of Yesod. Unfortunately, getting
all of the dependencies from Github can be a bit of a pain, so I don't
think anyone besides the core team is testing it at all. Hopefully, we
can change this: I've just created a Yackage[1] server for Yesod[2].
If you want to start playing with Yesod 0.7, all you need to do is:

1) Modify your ~/.cabal/config file to include: remote-repo:
2) cabal update
3) cabal install yesod-0.7.0

That should do it! A few caveats:

* There are likely still bugs, as this is not finished software
* With yesod 0.7, we are splitting things into many more packages. Not
all of these packages are automatically installed yet (eg,
yesod-static), even though previous versions of Yesod included this
* If you install in this manner, cabal will *not* know to replace
these packages with the final packages released to Hackage ultimately.
At that point in time, you can:

1) manually unregister all packages installed from Yackage
2) manually "cabal install --reinstall" all packages installed from Yackage
3) wipe our your ~/.ghc folder and start from scratch

Depending on how things go, I might start using odd-second-numbers to
denote beta versions of the software, and therefore avoid a lot of
these issues. If that becomes the case, then odd-second-numbers would
never appear on Hackage, only on Yackage.

Let me know if you have any issues!


[1] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/yackage
[2] http://yackage.yesodweb.com/

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