[web-devel] using YesodJquery with other jquery plugins

Max Cantor mxcantor at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 02:51:01 CET 2010


I've been trying to use jquery's ui-layout plugin in a yesod project.  Unfortunately, the YesodJquery typeclass sticks the jquery script calls at the bottom of the header, so when I toss in addScriptRemote "<url for ui-layout>" it gets inserted above the jquery scripts which breaks it.

I've temporarily solved the problem by adding a %script!src="<url for ui-layout>" to the body of my hamlet file but this is pretty poor form and ideally wouldn't be necessary.

Is there a better way?

If not, perhaps making an adding a function to the YesodJquery typeclass: 

	urlJqueryPluginsJs :: a -> [Either (Route a) String] 

in which one could add in plugin files that would be guaranteed to load in that order, after the jquery and jquery-ui files are loaded, would be a viable solution.


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