[web-devel] [Yesod?][Chromium?] file-echo.lhs on chromium

いとうかつとし cutsea110 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 04:04:17 CET 2010


now,  I runhaskell file-echo.lhs sample which in yesoddocs/yesod/tutorials,
and check it on firefox and chromium browsers.

On firefox, I confirm the program works good for varias type files.
But, on chromium, i get error for same uploaded files which has no
extensions like as README, TODO, LICENSE, ...

when, I modify file-echo.lhs as below in order to get a log.

postHomepage = do
    rr <- getRequest
    liftIO $ putStrLn "OK"                                            --
    (_, files) <- liftIO $ requestBody rr
    fi <- maybe notFound return $ lookup "file" files
    liftIO $ do
 -- Logging
        putStrLn $ fileName fi
        putStrLn $ fileContentType fi
    return [(fileContentType fi, toContent $ fileContent fi)]


On chromium, this handler function success to putStrLn "OK", but fail to
putStrLn the others.
I'd like to check HTTP headers, But i couldn't find my POST request in
The developer tool on chromium, my POST request is replaced by a request for

Anyone knows this problem?
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