[web-devel] missing web component needed: server-side page control

jeff p mutjida at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 11:31:11 EDT 2010


> Ajax is just one approach of several existing. Building a
> haskell-to-JavaScript generator looks more important for me. Please
> look at [1] and [2]. what do you think?
For generating Javascript from Haskell, there is also the jmacro
package (on Hackage). I am probably to main user of jmacro; we use it
at work to generate a very non-trivial front end for a web-based
system (backend uses happstack).

Some advantages of jmacro are: a nice syntax, shared variable
namespace for haskell and generated javascript (which also allows
hygienic variable name generation, i.e. variable scoping is correct),
embedding of pure haskell inside jmacro code blocks (this is
particularly useful with the shared variable names).

Some disadvantages of jmacro are: it is untyped, in fact most valid
javascript can be placed in a jmacro block unchanged (this can also be
an advantage since your favorite javascript library can be seamlessly
integrated with your jmacro produced javascript); it is under
documented (but the maintainer and I would certainly be happy to
answer questions).

Here is a small reddit thread about jmacro:


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