[web-devel] alpha release: my thesis

Chris Eidhof chris at eidhof.nl
Fri Apr 23 08:40:55 EDT 2010

Hey everyone,

Next week I'll be handing in my thesis, which is titled "Web development in Haskell". In my thesis I discuss three libraries that I've developed: one for data modeling (and persistency), one for continuation-based web programming and a library for generic views. The thesis starts with a small example that shows how these libraries play together.

If anybody feels like reading it, I've uploaded the current version [1]. If there's anything that's unclear: it's not your fault, but probably lousy writing from me. Comments are very much appreciated and can be emailed to me.

After finishing my thesis, I plan to build a nice website and tutorial for this framework, and prepare everything to release it on hackage. It'll probably take some time though, but I'll keep this list updated.


[1]: http://eidhof.nl/thesis/thesis-alpha.pdf

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