[web-devel] Re: What frameworks are there?

Gour gour at gour-nitai.com
Thu Apr 8 07:59:32 EDT 2010

On Wed, 7 Apr 2010 13:16:22 -0430
>>>>>> "Kyle" == Kyle Murphy wrote:

Hello Kyle,

Kyle> I'm looking at experimenting with developing a site and due to
Kyle> various constraints I'm considering using one of the haskell
Kyle> frameworks. 

Let me say that I'm in the similar boat...needed some framework and
wanted to do it in Haskell. I was fiddling with Django, but eventually
gave up on it...

Happstack is not for me, I had hope for Turbinado...maybe Yesod, after
becoming (more) documented will evolve into someting usable for me....

However, although maybe you were not thinking about it, I've settled
to use Hakyll (http://jaspervdj.be/hakyll) which enables me to write
'pages' in some of the Pandoc-supported markups (I'll use markdown)
using my favorited editor.

It's easy to keep everything under DVCS (darcs) and deploy on the
server, pages are served fast, less headache with security etc. and
everything is very nicely documented.

The e-commerce part which you require as well, I'll solve by using
HTML forms and securely emailing forms' data back to me (using nice
formmail.php script from tectite.com). Then I'll manually authorize
credit cards as MO/TO transcactions.

I'm sure you can find some good JS shopping cart and you can probably
find some PHP code to handle Google checkout stil keeping the whole
setup light.

However, I'll monitor what's happening on the Haskell's web-framework
scene, but so far, Hakyll looked as the best solution at the moment.



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