[web-devel] Re: ANN: Salvia-1.0.0

Jinjing Wang nfjinjing at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 10:26:42 EDT 2010

I'm pretty satisfied with Hack, actually I have no complain at all.

The only thing the interface might change is to use bytestring through
out, but the performance benefit has not been properly measured, and
the current string interface is not entirely slow for general web apps
anyway, so until further benchmark provides concrete evidence in real
world applications, the interface is likely to stay as is.

I am personally using and probably will continue to use Hack, since I
don't need O(1) memory ( I use reverse proxy to serve static files,
and my html aren't that big ), I also don't need precise control over
resources ( wishful thinking here, hoping to solve it by using
strictness annotation ), so an enumerator  approach, even thought it
provides great potentials, is not what I need right now.

But still, any development on WAI or WSI other interfaces are
extremely welcome, as those will not be wasted at all, at least from
my point of view, since the only thing I need is either a frontend or
a backend, and I can be sure that all my code will continue to work or
even benefit from other development.

I am only speaking for myself though and the website I made are not
high tech apps, just some stupid blog, some facebook apps and some
remote services for iphone and stuff like that.

So if you are lazy like me, then Hack is not a bad choice, in my
opinion, it's the best, why else would I make it like that? simple and
easy. If you need something else, then well you have to use something
else, or improve Hack, whatever ...

Best regards,

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 9:34 PM, Simon Michael <simon at joyful.com> wrote:
> Well, my thanks to you both. I have found Hack useful for
> - switching between happstack, hyena, simpleserver back ends to compare
> performance and identify bugs.
> - clarifying the boundary between my app and the web stack, reducing
> learning costs (better docs would have helped)
> - somewhat future-proofing my code, reducing churn as web stacks evolve
> - providing new options for my app almost for free via middleware and
> handlers (webkit handler!)
> I assume WAI would provide similar benefits in time, and more. Jinjing,
> what's your position on WAI ? Will you keep working on Hack, or should WAI
> replace it ?
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