[web-devel] Re: consolidating Haskell's web-framework scene

Gour gour at gour-nitai.com
Sun Mar 14 13:09:57 EDT 2010

On Sun, 14 Mar 2010 19:10:34 +0900
>>>>>> "Curt" == Curt Sampson wrote:

Curt> It seems that it's open now, since it's on GitHub. That said, I
Curt> don't think it's a good starting point due to the design
Curt> decisions; I commented on this extensively (to the tune of about
Curt> a thousand words) in a comment I posted to his blog entry, though
Curt> that comment has yet to appear.

Interesting post - it just appeared on his blog.

I am not thinking that Turbinado is good starting point, but maybe
Yesod is a better one?



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